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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 13, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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child: ya, ya ya... [crash] child: mom! [ting] ♪ i'm beth troutman. we searched the web for the best videos of the day. let's get started "right this minute." a thug walks up to a homeless man huddled on the street. >> look at what he does. >> no. >> how the cold hearted ground went down while a bunch of jackals watched. a crazy man tries to beat a
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train. >> no! >> but is this video real or fake? >> play it again. hold on. hi guys. >> she's a 12-year-old internet star with amazing spirit. >> she has been battling cancer since the age of 7. >> now talia reveals how youtube fans are giving her new hope. >> after posting the video i feel like i've gotten a new perspective on the transplant. a father and son team up for a souped up sports car. meet the 5-year-old who is a racer -- >> and a tv star. this video really made my blood boil because it is so disturbing to watch and straight up disgusting. you see a man who is believed to be homeless laying dn onhis ranother man walks up to him an look at what he does. >> no. >> oh, my god.
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>> he appears to be urinating on this man. >> on his face! >> it's disgusting, and it just shows human garbage. authorities believe this happened late last year. it's just going viral. but police are asking for the public's help in identifying either of the two men involved in this video because they want to bring this man to justice. >> what's wrong with people that you don't consider another human life? >> we see so many stories of inspiration and goodness, and then all that kind of gets wiped away sometimes when you see something like this. this homeless man could be sick. who knows what's wrong. >> possibly more disturbing than what he's doing is the fact that people around him think it's hilarious. i hope someone recognizes him and calls the cops. apparently they have already had some leads, but nothing has happened yet. time for a little video
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segment we like to call "crazy videos from foreign lands." first we'll head to poland for a video that might make you wonder is this real? >> no! >> oh! >> that can't be real. >> i don't -- huh-uh. >> play it again. hold on. got to be fake. >> we're to assume that he made it to the other side okay. but is he really there dodging the train? >> there's no way he would have made it. it's fake. >> well, that's not the craziest video from a foreign land. this one, nick, is just for you. not only because it's dash cam footage from russia, but because of what the dash cam catches on the road in russia. >> must be a blond. >> oh! >> oh, she's straddling him in his lap on a motorcycle on the
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freeway. >> if you notice really closely, what you're seeing right here, those are her legs wrapped around this motorcycle driver's waist. >> oh, my gosh. this is awesome troutman. hit play and make it bigger. >> look at the 18-wheeler beside her. he is shooting them for another angle. >> they're doing this for the camera. there's no way he could ride that motorcycle and focus while she's doing that. >> she's shaking her head. what's with the shaking of the head. >> style, technique. >> i might really create a little enjoyment with throttle-break, throttle-break, throttle-break. i'm so happy right now. motorcycle, russias, dash cam, sex. >> i think they were filming it for a movie. >> i think they may have been set up by everybody involved.
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>> i know what i'm doing this weekend. glad i'm busy. >> they closing up shop at this pennsylvania pop eye's. let's just say one employee thought it was a joke. >> i thought the other guys i was working with were play ag prank. >> check out this video from fox 29. this guy comes in the back door and has a gun and puts it to the back of the head of one of the employees. >> all i felt was somebody put a gun at the back of my neck. >> he's taking them to the back because he wants them to open the safe. >> kept pointing with the gun, take all this money. >> notice what the employee does. he's got two of them down on the ground. >> that's when i reached for the gun and twisted it. >> the employee goes for the gun and beat down is on. the employees grab the gun. they get a mop or a broom and they start beating him up. >> that guy picked the wrong pop eye's. >> was spinach on special that
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day at possibleeye's? >> bravery on special that day. the general manager says he didn't get away with anything, not even chicken. >> that was really smart of the employees, though, to react so quickly when the guy slipped because had they not done that, who knows what would have happened? >> they got him. look at him. they are struggling with him. one has the broom beating him. one's got the gun. another one is just piling on. he left with less than he came in with because he left without his shirt. >> and his gun. >> and some blood. >> if somebody is threatening your life, there's no telling what adrenaline will do. these guys came at this guy with force. amazing. no matter how many times i show you guys russian dash cam video tlrks's still a surprise. >> this one, you've got a yellow, rickety wobbly flatbed trailer up ahead and you know something is about to go wrong. not with the trailer, somebody that's trying to pass the guy
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with the dash cam. freaked me out when i saw it. some guy trying to pass on the left right into on coming traffic. causes an accident. doesn't look like a serious accident. >> doing his best to get into an accident? duh. what else is going to happen. here is another video, again, surprising. this video really shows you why so many people have dash cams. >> car comes up to a stop. you look both ways. is there going to be an accident? is he going to get hit? is something going to explode? nope. >> oh, heck no! >> that was tony soprano getting out of that car. >> three guys jump out of this tiny car, guns drawn. the short description on the post says driver avoids getting robbed. if that's what's happening here, that is scarier. they back up, pull a u-ey and
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get away without getting caught. >> they are making low budget action movies with dash cams in russia. i'm beginning to think all these people are actors. a cyclist out for a nice ride, and then -- >> back off! >> he's not just swooping at this guy. the bird is really pecking him in the head. >> the best part, what the dude says to get the bird to back off. >> maybe the bird is saying like, eat more chicken. and this guy has some smooth moves. >> he's like liquid. >> he's like
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remember, "right this minute" is all new all summer long. you've probably already noticed my friend nick here, he gets a beard. >> yeah. i kept the beard because so many
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people commented on the goofy facial hair. it was about 5-3 ratio in favor, so the viewers win. >> at least now you look mature. you don't act so. >> can we rub it? >> yes. what do you want to rub? >> look what happened to this cyclist that was out trying to enjoy a ride? >> back off. back off. i'm a vegan. >> he's not just swooping at this guy. the bird is really pegging him in the head. >> i think he really hates that helmet. >> what the heck could cause the bird to attack? was he too close to a nest or something? >> maybe it is the helmet and he thinks it's some sort of ugly animal that's trying to get
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away. >> maybe it looks like a giant mag pie egg and this mag pie thinks the guy stole his egg. >> he's a vegan. >> he's trying to tell the bird, look, i don't eat meat, so don't be mad at me. >> maybe the bird is saying eat more chicken. >> that's an australian mag pie. welcome to australia. hi guys. today i'm going to be doing this tutorial. >> this is 12-year-old talia castellano. she has a youtube channel called taliajoy18. many of her tutorialing are her taking you through a day in her life. she's been battling cancer since the age of 7. she is now 12 years old, about to turn 13 and just found out that she's not only battling one kind of cancer which was a neuro
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blastoma. >> i also have it in my bone marrow. >> as you can see, she doesn't have hair from going through round after round of chemotherapy. she's undergone surgery, stem cell treatments, radiation. they're considering a bone marrow transplant. >> right now where i'm leaning to is not doing it because i don't want to go through that. >> what's so incredible is she maintains this incredible outlook and does these beautiful makeup tutorials and people have really around the world have fallen in love with talia. we wanted to know more about her and about what's going on in her current journey. "right this minute" we have talia castellano via skype. >> hi. >> i would love to know how you maintain such amazing positivity. >> my mom and i, we always just talk about things, and she always says look for the positive in a negative thing. youtube is one of the positive things i have in my life that come out of such a negative
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thing. >> tell us about your makeup tutorials. why makeup? >> original when when i started out, i was posting a video. i didn't think much about why i was putting on my make up. as i was putting it on in the morning and realizing i felt so much more pretty with this makeup on and i would go out in the grocery store without a wig on, and it wasn't anything else but me feeling better about myself with the makeup on instead of wear ag wig. >> can you tell us about your current perspective and what you're going through? >> i've gotten a new perspective on the transplant. people are saying, talia, we know what you're going through, but we love you so much and want you to stay on youtube. that means so much due to, like, my family. i think if i did do it and had my whole life ahead of me, i'd feel so much better. i'd look back and say why would
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i even think about that. >> talking beauty with this young internet star. that feels pretty good. >> that does feel good. >> see her late ekt negligent "right this minute." >> still to come, this kid's got one souped up ride, because dear old dad -- >> he's zipping. >> find out how he rolls. >> i like driving it the most. look at this thing. >> looks like a snake. >> not a snake. we have our textpert to te [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ it's time for another edition of best of rtm where we tell you about the videos we can find on the website. >> what is the iconic movies "e.t." had a different ending? we'd like to see e.t. get killed at the end. if you want to watch, head to our website, an click on "best of rtm." i've got the 2012 father of the year award winner right here. this is evan driving his no. 95 lightning mcqueen battery powered car. he loves driving this car so much that he ripped through the plastic wheels that the car came
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with. so dad, sean, knowing his son loves rooiding this thing so much, pimped it, modified it. put on brand new rubber tires, upgraded the chassis, put in a new drive train and gave it more juice. look at evan sporting his wheels now. >> ooh! >> we have that via skype from hayward, california. evan, tell me what it felt like to drive your new car? >> took right off. >> dad, how fast does this cargo now? >> going about five to ten miles an hour. >> you seem to know what you're doing with evan? >> i a business called fs tech motorsports and we build and modify high horsepower, high performance cars. >> that makes sense. >> evan, tell us what you think
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about this car. >> i like it a lot. >> what was your favorite part about your new car. >> driving it, it moves so fast. >> do you always wear your seatbelt when you drive? >> i don't have a seatbelt. >> that's next on his list of modifications already. >> headlights. >> and headlights. he wants to change certain things about it. >> sean, tell me what made you want to do this for evan? did he just love driving the car so much? >> it was a lot of fun, actually. he's always wanted to play with cars at the shop. for him being able to work on his own car for the first time, he was really excited about it. >> what do i don't think about the response you've gotten? everyone saying you're the dad of the year. >> i wasn't expecting that. i was trying to do a fun project with my son. >> evan, when you grow up, do you want to be a race car driver?
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>> a tv star. >> you're already there. it's time for the first edition of tech time with nick and beth. >> i'm so excited to be here. >> i have a video from m.i.t. news that would freak stephen out. researchers at m.i.t., at harvard university and seoul national university came together to create this little guy. >> it looks like a snake. >> this is a soft autonomous robot. it was designed with the movement of an earth worm in mind. to learn more about this earth worm-like robot, we have to bring in our tech guy. hey, zack. >> hello. >> the creepy robot that looks like a worm. >> this is part of soft robotics. it's making robots that are very durable but made out of soft material. >> the skin looks like the stuff they wrapped cables in, like a
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nylon mesh. >> kind of similar to that. it's got a mesh material. >> i feel like this is something i can throw in my toilet when it clogs and he would worm it out. >> good idea. >> can we use it like that? >> the idea of these is because there are soft materials and durable, they can go into hard-to-reach places and oi robots that hard materials can't get through. >> you can step on it and it doesn't die. >> what else do we need to know? >> this could be used in biological systems. it could be used in next generation prosthetics. some researchers think technology such as this can be seen in smart phones and computers sometimes. >> it's ultimate guy car slide. most importantly -- >> he barely spilled a drop of that beer. >> see what happens when hood slides go wro
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sbod ice grandpa took his life into his own hands when he tried to cross the street in his scooter. check out where he crossed the street. >> i'm nervous. >> i am, too. >> old man and his scooter trying to cross clear waut sgler this senior citizen decided to cross the street on the scooter in the middle of traffic. it's not like light traffic in a quiet town. >> here he goes.
9:26 am
ready? here we go. here we go. oh! oh! >> some people, just no respect for the elderly. >> look how close he comes to this car. >> oh! oh! >> there's a crosswalk right over there. >> he had a purpose. he wanted time doing what he wanted to do, not time doing what the law told him to do. >> glad the man made it. >> me, too. way to go, grandpa. ♪ looks like he made it if it's true good dancers make good lovers, this guy must be a good lover. this guy is known as little buck. this is a film created by jacob sutton. he's boosting moves on a dance floor which is actually inside a box. look at the cool moves he pulls off. >> he's like liquid. looks like he's made of rubber. >> he's like moonwalk 2.0. he can move, he's got those
9:27 am
michael jackson kind of moves. >> he defies gravity. look at him go up the wall and upside down and all over the place. obviously that's an effect. he's not really doing that. >> little buck is a well-known dancer. specializing in a type of dance called juking. he's performed with yo yo ma and madonna and appeared on "dancing with the stars" and "ellen." every guy has dreamed about doing the dukes of hazard hood slide. this group of guys tried it and it didn't go well. they've got a nice little honda civic set up on a home made slip and slide. >> he dented the car. >> looks like he did about $1200 in damage. but barely spilled a drop of the beer.
9:28 am
>> he wasn't even close to getting his bum on top of the hood of the car. >> maybe they need a jump to do that. >> it's a honda civic. that's about the lowest-to-the-ground hoot hood you're going to find. >> park the honda on the grass so you have something to launch off of. slide across the hood, off the hood, down the slip and slide, problem solved. >> that was the most classic move in history, the hood slide on the general lee. that's it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time for more videos first. -- captions by vitac --
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